SPH Plug & Play


A media startup accelerator by Asia's leading media organisation, Silicon Valley's global accelerator and Singapore government's premier technology fund.

Who we want

We seek media and/or technology startups looking for early-stage or seed-stage funding. We welcome startups with bright ideas from around the world.

Why choose us

Build your startup with us in Singapore and get unparalleled access to our combined networks, media muscle and domain expertise.

What we ask

Selected startups will receive S$30k seed funding plus perks and services worth up to S$200k in exchange for an equity stake.

Have the media on your side

Join forces with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH),
the dominant player in Southeast Asian media scene.

of experience in media, as well as curated content
media channels across print, radio, TV, and digital
Audience size across all media properties
covered by SPH in the region and beyond


S$30,000 cash investment upon acceptance into the accelerator program.

Additional Grants

Startups fulfilling additional criteria are eligible for developer and other grants through the Singapore government.

Tools & Services

Up to S$200,000 in credits for cloud hosting, analytics, video support & lots more.

Mentorship & Curriculum

Deep domain and industry knowledge through SPH stakeholders and properties.

Media Muscle

Leverage on the SPH audience and 170 years worth of content and experience.


Business development and partnership opportunities through SPH regional partners as well as market access in US and Europe through Plug & Play and IIPL offices worldwide.

Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL) creates a vibrant innovation ecosystem in Singapore for startups through investments and partnerships with global reach.

Plug and Play is a global startup accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 350 investments in more than 10 countries around the world.

Have a great place to work

We provide our entrepreneurs with office space at the heart of Singapore's start-up community.

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We seek Disruptive Startups Focusing On:

Media Business

Audience Analysis And Measurement

Gathering quantitative and qualitative data and interpreting meaningful information about consumer behavior.

Content Marketing

Creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to attract and retain clearly-defined audiences with the goal of driving profitable consumer action.

News & Content Distribution

Amplification of reach through creative audience targeting and cross-platform distribution channels

Customer Empowerment And Loyalty

Retaining and incentivizing consumers to increase use of products and services.

Marketplaces &

Providing new platforms and improving existing online marketplaces that engage consumers and enable transactions.

Media Technologies

Print Advertising Enhancers

Application of technologies to enhance engagement with print readers.

Digital Ad Technologies

New and creative means of presenting advertisements or increasing effectiveness of digital advertising.

Outdoor Advertising Platforms

Use of software and/or hardware solutions for outdoor media to engage public audience

Gamification And App Development

Injecting the “play” factor into SPH products

Content Storage And Delivery Optimization

Reducing digital media storage requirements and accelerating content delivery to consumers


“The team is thrilled at chance to learn from all partners involved in the SPH Plug and Play Program to make GOtixs the preferred platform for experience seekers to discover and purchase events.” Kendrick Wong, cofounder of GOtixs.
"With SPH Plug and Play, we have gotten much more than what we could have accomplished alone, and that really helped accelerate our business. We had mentors & industry experts working on our product with us and privileged access to networks, which, we could not possibly have gotten even if we had the money" ~ Emmy Teo, CEO, Fashory
"We need to say that we weren’t able to articulate what are our valuations until we met with our mentors in SPH Plug & Play. Linking the valuation back to business not only helped us to better position our funding needs, but also helped us to stay laser-focused on the KPIs to get us there!" ~ Balaji Ramanujam, Co-Founder, Imagin8ors
"Through the advice from SPH Plug and Play we managed to identify several problems with our product. Though it was a tough decision, we pivoted our project quickly and moved on. Thankfully, through perseverance, we hit the right note and are really glad with what we have today. Our initial failure was nothing more than a stepping stone!" ~ Viren Shetty, Co-Founder, Plus Margin
"SPH Plug and Play exposed us to low-cost and creative strategies to gain awareness and sell our products that have saved us A LOT of resources and money if we were to do it on our own" ~ Kau Yi Ming, Co-Founder, Tutate
"We thought that we had to execute our sales strategies in stages over a long period. Thanks to the mentoring from SPH Plug and Play, we have tightened our sales process and reduced our sales cycle by a lot!  This has resulted in significantly more deals in a shorter timeframe than expected. Thanks!" ~ SC Wong, Head of Business Development, Yellow Elevator