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Businesses that outsource their content generally find it a challenge to source for, manage, and pay competent content creators. Most rely on word-of-mouth to get the job done, which is a long and tedious process with little guarantee of finding the best match for their content needs.


Bolt is a platform that both connects businesses to the best content creators, as well as helps them manage their overall content strategies. Bolt’s platform gives businesses a competitive edge by letting them tell their stories through a growing digital market. Our vision is set on revolutionizing the way media is created, without the need for physical boundaries.


We are targeting PR, Advertising & Design Agencies. Since we began prospecting a month ago, over 200 experienced writers have subscribed to bolt. We have also formed a partnership with the National Book Development Council of Singapore to tap onto their network of writers. 13 businesses have also agreed to commission work through Bolt’s platform, and beta test our product.


We charge a percentage commission for each successful transaction and license our content management tool on a monthly subscription basis.

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