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Everyday, consumers and competitors generate millions of data points across multiple digital and social platforms.For a brand, these could be opportunities, potential crisis situations or customer service situations that marketers need to respond to in real time, but like the rest of us – they are constrained by time, resources and budget. The listening solutions that are currently available are too difficult and complicated for marketers to use themselves. Asa result, marketers need additional resources in their teams to use the platform, continuously be trained, and draw relevant insights – pushing the cost of using those platforms higher and the value derived from them lower.


Circus has launched the world’s first listening platform designed for ‘Self-Use’. Apart from having the best UI in the market and being simple and intuitive, it allows marketers to create custom rules for auto-generated reports, send pre-emptive alerts based on predictive intelligence algorithms, and allows unlimited users to collaborate for faster and better results. 


Our core target audience are marketers from outside of the Fortune 500 brands. Their needs are different and budgets are more restricted. Our product and positioning that allows for ‘Self-Use’ places us perfectly to serve the needs of these ‘untapped’ marketers.


We have SaaS model with monthly fee starting at USD800 and going up to USD4000. Our average fee is USD2,500. We sign clients for a duration of 1 year and above. Gross margins are over 60%.

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