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Nurturing the imagination and creativity inherent in each child
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How do we keep children creative as they go through structured education systems, so that they come out on the other side much better equipped for the work demands of the future. 


 Our first products are a child app and a parent app that work together to open up individualised learning paths for the child to learn in a self-directed manner. The apps are powered by machine learning algorithms that work off holistic child learner graphs. 


We have identified 2 segments as our early adopters: Strivers don’t want their child to be left behind. They respond to messages around ‘Future Skills’. Happy mainstream are those who want their child to be successful and happy. They respond to messages around character building, values and broadening their child’s interests. 


Our business model is a freemium parent app, with a monthly subscription fee for the child app. Other potential revenue streams are marketplace referral commissions and assessments.

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